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Your home is our canvas, and the artists at House Painters Brisbane bring you the masterpieces in style and colour you seek. We aim to bring you the service in the Brisbane area that can be relied on for choice, professionalism, and affordability, while providing a closely kept relationship and open communication between our professionals and our clients at all times, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that we have your best interests at heart while providing you our services.

​About Us

At House Painters Brisbane we know that the painting market is crowded, and it seems like every second business is offering to bring you a painting service of some sort. We aspire to stand out from every other painting contractor in Brisbane. Which is what we aim to do in every service call we embark upon, to bring you a service that will have you feeling happy and taken care of once our work is done, with results that you can depend on, and an end result that you can live with.



When choosing House Painters Brisbane for your residential and commercial painting needs, it’s the service that we provide that will make the most impact and leave the statement of our company behind, this is why we aim to bring you the absolute best in the Brisbane area, not only because our services are what confirms or rejects your happiness in choosing our company, but they are our calling card, the example of the work we do, and when you want to be the best, your lasting impression has to be the best.

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Interior House Painting

When you’re looking to update or brighten the interior of your home, you can depend on House Painters Brisbane to deliver you a thorough and professional interior palette for your living spaces. From full colour updates, to feature walls, ceilings or walls only, you can rely on House Painters Brisbane to bring you the experience you need. We have had the pleasure of helping homeowners across the city turn their homes into a masterpiece.

Exterior House Painting

The outside of your home is the visual representation of what’s within, making a statement long before anyone arrives, and when you want to make that statement as bold, or as subtle as possible, choosing House Painters Brisbane is the right first step. We bring you the choice and selections necessary to have your home be as unique as you’d like, or to quietly blend in with the surroundings. No matter your exterior painting goals, we have the experienced painters you need to make it happen.

Commercial Painting

The paint job on your commercial property can be just as important as any other visual cue to your business, bringing you the means to make your first impression long before your customers arrive. With a wide selection of colour matching services, you can be sure that we have the means to make your business reflective of your company colours, to give you a truly unique look and feel. When you need a business that is as invested in you are in making it look as good as possible, then you can trust in the services provided by House Painters Brisbane.

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Body Corporate Painting

Whether you’re looking to paint an office building, multiple buildings, or even to bring a quality paint job to the rails and doors of your body corporate property, you can depend on the services of House Painters Brisbane to provide. We bring you experienced crews run by a competent foreman, attached colour consultation services and more to ensure that every part of every property looks exactly as you want it to.

Roof Painting

More than just walls, we bring you the services you need to handle any roof painting service you may need. We use only the highest quality products that have a proven history of standing up to the weather and wear of the Australian sun, ensuring that you will get the most out of your roofs appearance for as long as possible, tied in with our already affordable pricing, there’s never been a better time than now to make the change you’ve been thinking of.

Real Estate Painting Services

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, to paint a newly bought one, or are a real estate agent looking to boost the appearance of one you’re trying to market, you can rely on House Painters Brisbane to bring you all the services you need to make a house feel like home. With a wide variety of choice, style and design you can be sure that we will bring you the most attractive home possible, using the power of paint to be your power of suggestion.

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If you would like to know more about any of our services, would like to book an estimate or a consultation, or have made up your mind and are ready to move ahead on your painting needs, then we at House Painters Brisbane are looking forward to hearing from you, and getting started on bringing you the colour you need in your life.

“I had a multiple building painting job that I needed done, I shopped around until I came to House Painters Brisbane,  they were great right from the start, and made the choice easy. The end result made me even more sure that I had made the right choice.” – Paul E.

“Expecting our first born we wanted to make a nursery suiting of the occasion. We called House Painters Brisbane​ and told them our ideas, and they truly made them come to life. We can’t wait to introduce our little one to their new room.” – Rachel W.

“I have a metal roof, and after years of looking at the cracking paint finally decided to make a change. I called House Painters Brisbane and they started the next day. The work was great, my roof looks great, they’re just a great company.” – Hector G.